Who owns your knowledge? | reflection

Many of us have heard about the shift in humanity’s consciousness, but few think that everything about it is right in front of our eyes. The fact is that this would be vital information, but here it is not in the interest of any party who has power to share it for fear of losing it.

The end of the bipolar world has ushered in a new era without sharp boundaries. Everything happens slowly and by the time you realise it, it’s too late. The situation is very similar to the way advertising works. In advertising, you see an idealised state of affairs that you often know is not true, yet you accept that it is. The promises of politicians work the same way and over time you accept that this is how it works. In the meantime a system builds up around you that you only have the opportunity to stop at the beginning, but at the beginning it is all about advertising and promises.

Change generates many events that take the form of crises. Do not think that those in power have an interest in overcoming crises. Those who are in power use crises to strengthen their power and even if they want to overcome them, they have only one goal: to prevent these crises from causing a collapse in which they lose that power. However, this is a multi-player game, with complex interests at play, which often get in the way of each other. Let me give you an example.

There is the question of the energy crisis. The following video is 10 years old. In it, a researcher working at the edge of financial impossibility has discovered something that could help everyone heat their home for $1–2 a month. We could say goodbye to pollution, outdated technologies and expensive solutions. I’ll say no more about it, just take a look. I did the English subtitles, sorry for the mistakes.

I am sure that this is not the only such invention, but those in power have no interest in change. And you, who have to defend your livelihood, will not do anything about it, because you should against those who are vociferously defending it. If this invention were available to all, there would be no need for gas. Gas pipelines and gas fields would be immediately devalued. A lot of countries would go bankrupt and the world economy would be disrupted. States would lose tax revenue and no politician would be brave enough to take the risk. I have heard a story that a Hungarian inventor invented the water-powered car engine and did not live long afterwards. Think about it, the technology we have today is actually based on the steam engine, which was invented at the end of the 19th century. Look at how much the mobile phone has evolved in 20 years. How much technology has improved in 20 years and we still use steam engines. The jet engine is also a steam engine, it just doesn’t use steam from water.

When a scientist invents something, the system is set up so that either the people who fund his research own his invention or it is marginalised. The system is set up in such a way that no one can do anything without money anymore. Which is in the hands of those who keep all such inventions out of the hands of humanity. It is wrong to say it but there is no good choice here and those who now hold the world under their influence are even the best choice, think of Russia where military developments are secret and never reach the level of the population.

But the world is a complex system that is not just the physical realm. When a system becomes frozen and there is an increase in suffering or oppression, events occur that break the system itself. Such events include the sinking of Atais (the world calls it Lemuria) and Atlantis, the plague of the Middle Ages and the fall of the Roman Empire. If a system cannot be changed from within, it will be changed from without. Democracy would provide the opportunity for change from within, but today states are under the control of the international financial cartel that runs the world economy.

I started with the shift in the level of consciousness of humanity, I will finish with it. Unfortunately, it would complicate my message too much to talk more about this, so I will just add my thoughts on the subject here. This process has already begun, briefly we are closer to the collective consciousness. The signs of this are the emergence and consolidation of authoritarian regimes, the rise of populism and the decline of democracy. And it has to do with those who seek to steer humanity towards a world of entrenched relations, under long-standing oppression. In other words, humanity can be the external circumstance I have already referred to for others, but we must first make it possible here on Earth.



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