What happens why? | 1

I’ll start by saying that what I really wanted to say has already been written down. But Medium is a platform that is similar to a blog in the sense that what one writes long ago appears as old in the mind of the reader. However, my material is not like that. But I also can’t just stare at my account for a year, so I write something from time to time. I read experts in different fields here and they all write about problems in their own perspective, which in my perspective can be traced back to one cause. But that cause is not shared by science.

The root of all the problems here is that humanity has made a shift in consciousness that no one realizes. Signs of this have started to appear in the outside world, in the form of all kinds of events and processes. The average people would say that there is nothing they can do about it. Then I am writing this for the non-average people.

What is a shift in consciousness? If I look at the outside world, that we experience a three spatial and one temporal dimension, there is no change. But if we look at the consciousness environment, democracy is receding and populist-based dictatorial thinking is taking over, which means more collective influence than before. Humans have long been prepared for this by higher dimensional beings calling themselves helpers, who have many valuable qualities, but expertise is not one of them. If this were done by capable people, they would seek to raise THIS world to another vibrational level. Instead, they want to impose a world here that most closely resembles the Arab monarchies, Russia today, China and North Korea, because that is the collective pattern they know.

I would also like to say a few words about the long-standing preparation. For those who have watched or read serious sc-fi, you know what the prime directive is. For those who don’t, the gist of it is that we don’t interfere with the development of other species, lest we make an irreparable mistake because of a wrong move, such as developing a religion on seeing a spaceship. On Earth, religions have been purposefully and deliberately created by beings who see their mission as divine. And humans are trained from childhood so that when they have a palpable power on Earth, we don’t cause them problems. But they have got something very wrong. Which should not be a problem, but which is that there is no fault in their societies, no admission of fault, and this sets in motion processes that need to be talked about, otherwise it will end in disaster.

Here on Earth, something has been created that has serious value and would point the way forward… if they understood a little bit of it. I could compare it to the Taliban destroying ancient artefacts, who see only their own point of view and of course their petty gain. I am not saying that this value does not have its negatives, but our development is based on the recognition and abandonment of these. But this process has also been interfered with in a way that beings of the third dimension would find very difficult to understand. At this point I decided to stop and let what has been said so far settle.

For those who don’t want to wait for the following to slowly sink in, but want to get involved in restoring the world, click here.


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