Understanding the changing world

For those who are not closed off from spiritual information, the shift in the level of consciousness of humanity is often presented in these circles as information. Most of our world, however, shuts itself off from this information. I am a person who reports this rationally and objectively based on my own observations. These observations were gained by starting to study the spiritual world with a rational mind. To avoid repeating myself, I will start with the basics first:

  1. Recent scientific research across several disciplines suggests that the existence of the physical world is illusory and can only be a hologram
  2. The same is said in Eastern philosophies and Western spiritual movements
  3. From 2002 I started what I would call an unprecedented deep trance meditation in order to answer the questions that the rational mind asks about this

The details of this meditation are not easy to grasp with ordinary consciousness, but in my inner view the number and quality of the tasks increased, and with it my sense of responsibility and the knowledge that very few people will be able to grasp their significance. The essence of the problem is this. Multiple dimensions are entangled in the holographic frequencies of 3D, causing an anomaly in which those within it take for granted the external world around them. Moreover, when these beings undergo intermingling and spiritual ascension, this anomaly spreads to the higher dimensions. One consequence of this situation is that this anomaly has created a second spiritual reality in the outer world as an invisible spiritual realm around them, while on the spiritual plane a second physical reality has been created, which many of you must have experienced in dreams. To reach such a level is both an exhilarating experience, but also to be confronted with both the unacknowledgement of science and the spiritual world, which becomes a particular challenge as I return to my consciousness. On the foundations, then, comes the following buildup:

  1. In esoteric schools they teach about planes that reinforce the anomaly
  2. Science has reached a level of quantum physics that the spiritual level of humanity cannot follow
  3. The worldview of spiritual beings does not include interpreting the physical environment that exists inside as outside, while the worldview of humanity does not include interpreting the spiritual world that exists outside as inside, and both believe the two worlds to be one, thus entangled

It would give us a chance to sit down with a competent scientist, but a competent scientist does not recognize a man like me as his equal, nor does he recognize my field as existing. But even if he did, he would have no substantive influence over those who fund his research and who have quasi-influence over the scientist. I could sit down with a competent spiritualist, but that world is totally under the influence of the spiritual planes, who will not accept any information from below. Meanwhile, the effects of the shift in the consciousness level of mankind are beginning to show up in the world around us, the reason being that you are not where your body is, but your body is where your consciousness is. The value that the democratic world has created through the advanced coexistence of individual consciousnesses has begun to erode in that collective environment, the effects of which will only grow stronger if one does not do something quickly. Someone who should do something must have these four conditions:

  • eligibility
  • ability
  • competence
  • free will

Meanwhile, the world is descending into chaos as the established order begins to lose its power, but this world is not at all prepared for what it would face in a collective rule. When it dawns on everyone here what this new world means, it is too late, despite the fact that there are already systems on Earth that map it relatively accurately. It is not too late, but who is the man who has the four conditions outlined above? And if he or she does, how do he or she get the power he or she needs? That man would not only have to solve the general problems of the Earth, but also to gain authority in the eyes of the aliens who intervene here, who are used to everyone here bowing down before them, expecting them to solve every problem, and who operate in the sense of being guided by the angelic-divine will. I mean in the spiritual world, because governments are aware of the situation and I can fully understand why they don’t want to publicise the existence and activities of aliens, but they can’ t do it indefinitely. What you have to understand is that here are two completely different worlds coming together, with a completely different understanding of ‘heaven on earth’. There are basically four ideas, of which my own is the fifth:

  1. Religious dictatorship, imagined on an Islamic basis in poverty and the wealth of the chosen few
  2. A religious dictatorship that would preserve religious diversity but expect a puritanical lifestyle from all without exception
  3. A technologically advanced secular dictatorship where work remains the main way of spending time
  4. Medieval dictatorship in which advanced technology is the privilege of a select few

The foreign interpretation is that ‘peace and security’ is what makes the world heaven on earth. They also reject the idea of war altogether, money, current forms of entertainment and competition. A high degree of central control is introduced into every aspect of life, against which even a constructive suggestion is not acceptable unless it comes from the leadership. Interest and desire become punishable, and even ideas come under a kind of collective control. This is the celestial pattern in which the 1st, 2nd and 4th way species offer. It is to this situation that my otherwise individual consciousness returns with a fifth solution:

5. Advanced technological civilisation in a green environment with global meritocracy

My return causes the following problems. There is no precedent for an individual consciousness to reach such a height, nor for it to return. As a human being, my brain is composed of a rational individual and an intuitive collective hemisphere, which means that the spiritual rank of my individual consciousness far exceeds that of the collective, which is accepted by everyone here as exclusive. It is a singularity for which I have already found a solution, but the environment around my body has not been welcoming to my solutions. This was not a problem at the upper dimensional levels, but with my return it has become a primary problem. Previous consciousness returns have been through formal channels controlling spiritual channels, mine outside of them. For alien beliefs, we would use the word living god cult, which existed on Earth in ancient Egypt, the essence of which is the recognition of certain people as being human forms of certain spiritual beings. This is technically done through initiation, which opens the mind of the person to higher dimensions and through this wider channel the person becomes one with the collective level to which they are connected. In this sense, my dimensional level would make me the highest god they believe, but they have as much difficulty understanding individual consciousness as we do the collective. Moreover, I am also a (white) male, which is power-wise totally unacceptable in a matriarchal collective. My return means that I have been fighting what is essentially a 20-year spiritual battle with beings who want to take over my body and who have never been able to take full control of it. Because my consciousness was above them (and this caused a very extreme spiritual-scientific observation life situation), these attempts were projected into the outside world in the form of people appearing around me in such a way that as I write this down I have a picture, because it was a big question mark until now, if I am above everyone, who are these people. I’d say hey people, I know gods personally, but the fact is they can say they know me. Anyway I’m an Aquarian, a Democrat and religion is extremely far from me to make this even more complicated. I also don’t want to dress up as a penguin, which in the eyes of the reigning power on earth that makes the Suit the basis of the Suit places me in the image of a hippy-like figure whose existence they never know and neither do you, if the situation so happens, but it didn’t. Everything I have posted on the net so far is real time documentation. The current situation is as follows:

  1. There’s this clash of dimensions, with different solutions for different species.
  2. None of their solutions are about taking everyone’s point of view into account, they just act on their own
  3. I have tried to contact people here on Medium who appear to be scientists, but as soon as I wrote down the word thought communication, they all disappeared… regardless, it is the only form of communication known to aliens that I have been using for years to push galactic diplomacy
  4. According to the system I have built, I am the first level of problem solving, where the logic and the skeleton of how to solve problems is generated
  5. As I was coming down and I was still alone at the levels, I came across these solutions again and continued to work with them
  6. I have reached the stage where, on the one hand, I am no longer enough on my own, because each problem is extended into separate areas of expertise, and on the other hand, I don’t have the necessary expertise (e.g. I am a good system designer if I am not a programmer) and these are passed on, according to predefined parameters, to people I don’t know, who may not even know what level of operation they are engaged in when they are philosophize about something or playing a video game
  7. What is going on here is so far ahead of spiritualists and science that I make no attempt to explain it.
  8. The best qualified and most capable go for each task, but this has been seriously hampered by alien interference, in which they seek to entrench power relations
  9. But after the update, these power relations could change in a big way
  10. I really don’t want to be the best and most productive one to clean up the shit on Earth, when after 20 years of non-stop hard meditation I’d rather be chilling out, but the rules I’ve set down apply to me too
  11. I have invented and programmed the Multiplex Projection, which is both an Aquarian and a Democratic solution, but to make it presentable I really need a great god, which, based on the current tests, is still to come in 3D
  12. But the first thing I did was to work out and hone the brakes and counterweights that I had created for myself, but this admin thinking will not be understood by any power-hungry game god
  13. I’ve separated the admin and game levels, I’ve worked out a system for them, and I’m telling you now that only and only by virtue of one’s own merit, by right of origin, can anyone acquire such power, to which the only way in is by oneself… and I have no right to give it to anyone

If I have to fix this shit, including overpopulation, the oil dollar, aliens and all the good-for-nothings in the elite, I will strive to do it in the shortest time possible. I used to joke that it was a wonderful world, a real heaven on earth, that the survivors from the future would report on. So get a move on, because I’m getting a bit pissed off with these monkeys usurping power in Hungary before my very eyes. It turns out I have a flair for galactic diplomacy, but this earthly one is very far from me. I’ve also indicated to aliens that such Donald Trumps are very far from my strict personnel policy and don’t ever dare play it again. But they are as much on this as everyone else here, waiting for proof. So we wait. The later it happens, the bigger the ungabunga will be.

I’m watching with you, only in the first person singular.

You can be part of the Restore the World programme, either by getting involved, depending on your capabilities and commitments, or by providing monthly or one-off support until I can address the income issue.



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