Understanding the changing world #3

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For a recurring consciousness, it is difficult to speak of only one reality, and for the one to whom it is speaking, it is the perception of multiple realities. Therefore, from here on, what I am going to talk about becomes completely theoretical for those who read in this reality. As I come down, it might be worth clarifying what I have done above. A gigantic mind sorting. That is, what I had done before after my head injuries. Logically then, I am the starting point of the sorting and my head injury was just a projection of the problem onto myself. But the question still remains, if I have such power, what does my individual consciousness do with it. I had two choices, and I chose the advanced solution, because here two fundamental concepts of power collided. One is that there is a centre that sees itself as divinely empowered to rule over everyone else. This is the way most collectives work, which means that on the ground there is a narrow stratum of people loyal to a leader who draw resources and rule over the masses. But I suspected that this was caused by space exploration experiments that completely disregarded spiritual energies and took animal consciousness out into space. In other words, those who follow the sacred sign perceive as divine an undeveloped consciousness that has seized power with absolute abandon, taking advantage of the pity that aliens felt for it. The pity opened the heart channel and that is how the occupation of mankind from above began. So the populist forces that are now gaining political power on Earth are under the influence of this energy-intention, in the belief that they are being helped from above. I myself have encountered intimidation, which has been an foreign pattern for aliens, who do not show much militant virtue and who, because they are in a collective consciousness, are powerless against it. However, my observations are that not all alien races have been under such influence, but their intentions are influenced by other interests, which must be taken into account in a comprehensive settlement. But it is a serious job, because if you take everyone’s point of view into account, you become everyone’s enemy, who would expect you to take only their point of view into account. But this situation opens the way to a second choice, which is also made much grander, because in this case it is not just Earth that needs to be sorted out. Since I’m coming backwards, my perspective is multiverse-universe-galaxy-solar system-Earth-centered and that’s the way it is in the ordering. But I can’t sit on my ass in such a situation, so in the meantime an operation in the opposite direction is set in motion, which will meet somewhere.

In practice, I am currently in a hostile environment that has not yet recognised the situation, but I have long since begun preparations for the opening up that is imminent, using the opportunities available to me. In fact, I have appeared in it in the same way as he appeared with a higher priority, but there is a big difference. My achievements are based on my own performance and the knowledge I have acquired on my own. This is of particular importance in a collective occupation environment where the occupier considers all occupied as part of himself (rather herself). This means that he does not think in terms of alliances, or by alliance he means the submission of others. For if he occupies the other, he is no longer bound by any prior agreement, because once they become part of himself, he does with himself what he wants. This is what I called ‘collective business’, when he began to direct initiations, karma, and even personalities, to his submissive people. It totally destroys your values, because it’s useless to engage in self improvement if they are stolen and you see third rate talentless ass kissers shining. A worthy and intelligent person foresees what leads to what he sees as bungling and rebellion against him, which is why he demands unconditional loyalty. What is on Earth now are the initial steps after the takeover on the timeline starting in 2010 and you have no idea what you would be facing if I did not interfere. He doesn’t care about anything you say (yet) that they are important for value preservation for example. He is only and only interested in building his own absolute power, in which he will destroy if he has to, because he doesn’t care what happens to you, you can’t do anything about it anyway. He will certainly demonize me on his own network, but I am already prepared for that and I will clean up this mess as Satan if I have to, I don’t care, I am not religious. I stand here knowing what is in the air for humanity that you will only find out when it is too late. But I cannot wait for that.

I outline the main elements of the settlement that is your responsibility. The first problem is the situation that has arisen as a result of the misinterpretation of unity, where boundaries have been blurred. I could compare the situation to a school where grades and classes have been abolished, primitive entities have been dispersed and even teachers have been intimidated into taking over. There are signs of this in the outside world, if one can read them. The problem here is that such a situation is easy to create and difficult to restore, just as it is with trust. Those who are susceptible to these influences are usually primitive people with an inner urge to get to the top. The system works under them for a while, then it collapses, but they don’t really care, because that’s the nature of an occupation. They only care about themselves, enriching themselves, and the poorer the masses become, the more vulnerable and powerless they become in the face of power. The only way to combat this is through the sacral channel and only for someone who is not affected by these, translated, the earthly man using his wits is the one to be reckoned with. Except those who can be influenced by religion, for they too use the sacral channel. However, this task cannot be performed by just anyone, because the Ego cannot control. The situation is that at a certain dimensional level, they want to destroy the whole world from above, unless my solution works. Therefore, I have to show quick results while doing several tasks at once, ranging from the coddling of childishly pure consciousnesses to firefighting certain beings. The first, then, is to restore dimensional boundaries and move consciousnesses into their proper positions. The operation takes place in the rational hemisphere of the human brain, which is reflected in the intuitive hemisphere and thus we come into harmony. But because an old system has collapsed, we have the opportunity to create a better one. This took 5 years to design.

The key points are. Separation of admin and game levels. As the spiritual world has become embroiled in the problem, many beings calling themselves gods have appeared in the world. They are mainly facing the problem that this is a materialistic world based on science where gods do not exist. Regardless, they all seek to bring human figures to the level of divine power, but then those human figures are brought to the level of divine power through human perspectives, which also leads to the collapse of the developed world. When I sharpened the admin and game levels, it meant that everyone would be ranked based on parameters regardless of whether a god was above or behind them or not. Those at admin level are in charge of restoring the system and keeping it running, so that became the real god power, but they don’t have game goals. Just like the people at a software company that makes game software don’t want to be in the top charts in the game, because that’s the players’ job. So a lot of gods become players, which is not a bad thing at all, given that I have found amazing gaps in their range and so they have the opportunity to become noble in the game called Life. The next point concerns people who are entangled in a reality with people from other dimensions who are projected here. This has caused me a lot of puzzlement, because here the aspects of the two worlds are in stark contrast to each other. For there is no such thing as a unified humanity after two spiritual levels of ascension. Before that, it is DNA that determines whether one is homo sapiens and if another human is homo sapiens, then we are talking about conspecifics who form a unified humanity. But the spiritual structure is vertical, that is, they consider only certain people as themselves, one dimension is the black man, the other is the white man. Mixed marriages, which are becoming a fashion, lead to a fatal clash, not to mention that if anyone rises spiritually, it is no longer DNA that counts, but lineage. There have been alien solutions to this, in that by establishing religions they can provide a protective umbrella for people of other origins through shared beliefs, but this only solves the first problem and creates a new one. Another characteristic of alien interventions is that they do not tend to work out very well, especially because of bad personnel policy and poor quality of implementation, fascism being a good example. I’m sure some people will have a freak-out here, but the fact is that the mass killing of Jews is a safe way to travel between realities in groups and the coronavirus served (would have served) a similar purpose in a much more peaceful way. I could roughly explain this as if you had a bunch of empty tracks and an overcrowded one in a holographic game program. Even if one wants to regroup, one is faced with a big dilemma, since one would have to remove a lot of people without killing them. For me to do such a thing, I had to rise to such a high dimensional level that I didn’t kill anybody, but if I want to meet the expectations of the development here, I have to do it without corpses. There is an alien ultimatum that puts the number of humanity at 500 million, compared to which I am the good guy with my 2 billion, but that is 6 billion less than the current number of humanity. What I am writing about is a matter of great controversy upstairs, because Multiplex Projection also concerns the realms above the physical plane.

Multiplex projection, in other words, is a new construction of human consciousness. It can be thought of as a cylinder that displays different visions of the future like a flower petal and can place everyone’s consciousness in a world of a level of the reality cluster that corresponds to it, so that it feels like home among its kind. Basically, everyone has a world of their own and the direction of their development is to correspond in a shared reality. This is a revolutionary invention that has never been able to come about anywhere because no one has ever thought of individuals forming a collective. So far, there have only been collectives, which have not been able to evolve because they have immediately trampled on any such attempt, citing disharmony, and then continued to pray against boredom.

That’s how it should be imagined

This arrangement gives each person their own position, in which they can develop in a sympathetic arc and reach the top, from which they can then exit. I have meditated this down to the right level of consciousness over a period of years, using spiritual holoprogramming, which could be called precise dreaming. The journey no one notices, it happens in a dream or in death. You will only see the world begin to be restored to your own desires and intentions. The programming itself is done with parameters, i.e. race, gender, or religion are not included, because they are just frameworks that everyone fills with content. It does, however, completely upset the spiritual space above us, because each element of each level takes on only the quality that is appropriate to it, which is not good for spiritual beings who like static rigidity, but once they get used to it, they will realise that this is what they have been praying for.

Let me come back to the shift in consciousness. Humanity’s shift in consciousness is currently being led by beings who have never seen such a world and what they can relate to is only their own. It is safe to say that these ‘angels’ are at the level of indentured labourers and have no idea how to take this world to a higher vibrational level. Those who tell me they are with me are in my eyes little different from those who are not with me, although that small difference in their eyes is huge. I say the challenge of it all. If everyone started to work on their energy system, everyone would meditate, which would quickly collapse the world economy and there would be no food in the corner shop. These foreigners do not learn from their failures either, they keep repeating their mistakes (e.g. Hungary would have to face what happened in Venezuela and the US if Trump wins). The primary reason is that those who run the operation do not see the world the way you do. They want YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS to come to them in the 5th dimension and don’t care what remains in 3D. But I want to save this world to solve the problems of even higher dimensions so that you can continue to live the same life after the collective consciousness shift, and the ideal environment for it. That means no meditation, no spiritual life, otherwise this world of unique value would be over. And this is possible because for this hologram that you see to the outside world I have created a new holo operating system called ÉlményPark (ExperiencePark).

I have tried to explain a very complex issue from the practical point of view of the reader. But only you know if I succeeded.



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