Understanding the changing world #2

In the previous section, I outlined briefly and succinctly something that might be unbelievable to an everyday person. Now I will talk a little more about it.

I live in Hungary and lived through the regime change in my early twenties. For the unbelievers, it may be an interesting piece of information that no one would have believed this could happen even a few years before. My life before that was not bad either, I was living the life of a young urbanite very far from both religion and politics. Then one day, a member of my group of friends at the time got in touch with a group through whom I was introduced to spirituality. I had bought a couple of books on the subject before that, but they were not really much good without experiencing what they described. But here, for the first time, I had the opportunity to get personal confirmation as to whether this spiritual world really exists or whether it’s all just a big hoax that people are being fooled with. To walk in off the street into a place like this is to lie and say that you have full certainty, and I was not convinced of this there either, but by a chance encounter in the line of fire of a mental confrontation between two people. From there I had the proof, but it was premature and I was not prepared for it. This is also my advice to everyone, take the first initiation and get back to your daily life. You won’t be able to avoid it later on when you are more mature.

I didn’t take it as seriously as you take the US military UFO videos because I didn’t feel it had that much to do with my everyday life. But an interesting thing happened. We got caught up in a crowd streaming out of a modern worship event and I looked at all the apparently intelligent people and I couldn’t understand how these people could believe this. Maybe there was a thought there that I would look into it when I started to do this. Years went by, I played a lot of football, tennis, had a ZX Spectrum and read a lot of science fiction. Then came the late 90s and after a rather confusing couple of years of twists and turns, fate put me in my flat where I started meditating because I was in a huge existential problem and I remembered ‘what happens below is what happens above’ and went up to see it. I’m telling the story from my perspective now rather than then because there are certain rules (a rule I made for myself later on in the timeline) that I can’t know the future. I’ll elaborate on that in a moment, but the point is that I think the incipient crisis of the world today may have been the reason I felt it was more important to continue meditating than to get back to my daily life and money.

I later found out that some serious head injuries I had suffered before had caused me to have a kind of spiritual acquired savant syndrome, which made me capable of doing with my individual consciousness what everyone else was doing with their collective hemispheres. This means that no one has ever been able to reach certain spiritual levels with their individual consciousness. Therefore, no one could do anything with me, who communicated in a spirit of equality with rather strict hierarchies. I started into this with a scientific eye, that is, I wanted to understand and explain what was happening to me. In a medium that had hitherto only seen begging and prostration from a man on earth. My view of God is that there is no evidence that he exists, but there is no evidence to the contrary. Therefore, when it turned out that they could not kill me, they sent me further up, which for you is already above the level of Above. Their explanation became that I was searching for god (because I left open the possibility of his existence) and that he was that way. So I took my consciousness to the deep trans realm, which I named it, but I might as well have named it after myself if I was a scientist. Just to let you know that there is a deeper realm than that, which I just gave a working name (so I know what it is immediately), but not knowing that it is in vivid use by others, it is called Bassott High Dimension thanks to the English language. It would be difficult to outline 20 years in a few paragraphs here, but the work was generally good humoured, which some people misunderstood to be frivolous. The bets were so high and the responsibility so great that there was no other way to do it but casually and now, although the pressure is on me to behave in a way worthy of it, looking at those who expect it, I can not only say, but I say it: Fuck you!

In these upper dimensional realms, I have become a kind of savior, able to perform logical ordering in ways that would be difficult to tell to those who have not experienced it. There were many conditions that had to be met to get there, and if I had not had them, I would not have made it there alive. The work was such that I was in a kind of trance state for most of the day, with occasional periods to eat, shop and sleep equalling work. Outside it would get dark, then the sun would come up, then go down again and so it went for years. Those who engage in such tasks subordinate themselves to the goal. There was a time when, because of the development of my brain, I lived for months in pain that would surely have knocked anyone else out. There have been times when my chakras were so revved up that I just didn’t call an ambulance because they wouldn’t have understood the problem anyway and I just trusted that I would survive. The 20 years was broken down into several phases of work, each with its own daily routine. Then I got to the point where my meditation on the outside world was compromised. It required three things, a 3D timeline threatened by interfering aliens (the elimination of the physical world), a great calm threatened by civilizational tension (a deteriorating situation without income), and a normal world around me threatened by populism and autocratic regimes (one right under my nose). So I began my comeback, which will take many years.

I realised that my brain is special. After my head injuries, I have always successfully rearranged my mind so that the result was better than it was. But high IQ comes at a price, and that is that as my environment became less and less able to follow me, I was less and less seen as normal (in a sense they were right) and my growing clarity was seen as a loser. I fought my first battle on the spiritual plane as a beginner with a master, but immediately afterwards came the secret services of some unnamed countries, then the aliens. Above (or within) came the higher dimensional beings, for which I have no better word than to say that it is extremely difficult to heed my advice not to be frightened. I fought so many battles that I reclassified my years as combat meditations, and called my apartment a higher dimensional battle station. I defended the Earth several times, but then something happened. It’s hard to give multiple explanations from different perspectives for what happened, because as many perspectives as there are outcomes. For an assassination attempt on me would be labeled as negative, but it was the gateway to my consciousness taking the physical plane through a column of light to all the dimensions I could reach. Now the outside world is starting to pick up on the XD problems, which can now be solved from a graphical interface, so to speak.

Coming back was strange because I didn’t know anything about these gods that everybody here knew in one way or another. I was moving in the world of these God Gods and so on up. Imagine a spirituality person who has no idea who these people, aliens and angels are around us. The ones I was in touch with, nobody here knows. Another observation of mine is, similar to how it is easier to heal others than yourself, that it is easier to see and solve others’ problems well than your own. As I come back, a lot of things are very close to me and it’s a very different experience than sitting and watching from the outside. There’s another aspect of coming back, it’s like coming back to a zoo where everyone is dressed as a human. So far, I have felt most at home in the machine worlds (I won’t elaborate on that now, but that’s what the rational brain is like when it’s raised) where women don’t have hysterics, people are rational and I could list the characteristics that are now disappearing and I’m starting to face a bunch of monkeys who want to rule everyone. That may have been the case in the past, but I used to be one of those monkeys and didn’t stand out so much, now it would be hard to explain to an outsider that these people are my kind. And that includes the people who are being stardomed, politicians, businessmen and celebrities. Respect to the exceptions, because the situation is not completely hopeless.

If I were to put myself in the shoes of people who represent different layers of our current civilization and I were to tell them the aspects that the world would have to conform to in order for this civilization to survive at a higher vibrational level… I am talking about people who are willing to destroy the world for profit, politicians who dare not even step out of their own commitments, ordinary people who do not want to step out of their comfort zone. And I write to them about websites that hardly anyone reads. Regardless, it will be a very big change for those who are worthy to enter a new world. I have also made it so that those who are not worthy can continue to live their lives according to the original scripts, but I will give more information about that in the next part.

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