Talking to the Lord

From the “National Security Disk” short story collection

“Welcome Mr God to my talk show. How did you become God?”
“As a result of a couple of head falls and subsequent successful consciousness settlements. As I am an atheist, please excuse me for occasionally confusing the concepts of God and Lord, you will find out why later. For there are more!”
“Can you tell me how you created?”
“I call it a holo installation, but I recognize how it is interpreted from within the game, so I have sacrificially taken on that role as well.”
“Then who are we?”
“3D extended human figures.”
“Whose human figures?”
“When whose. Unfortunately, there was too much outcry among the collective players when the idea of associating persons with persons came up. It would make the game more interpretable down here, but I realized that there are benefits to this interpretation on the ground.”
“What was before creation?”
“An empty piece of hardware aptly named Nothing. But as the software brought it to life…”
“So what is the physical plane?”
“A monitor. So that we can better understand how planets in the Solar System may be inhabited in other regions of light.”
“You mean spiritual space?”
“The visual domain is also a monitor, just a different system.”
“Where do the gods dwell?”
“I don’t understand, what’s the point of looking at another monitor when you have yours right in front of your eyes? Why don’t you play well in this one? You’re pushing your virtual toys there, while you’re pretty weak in your own holo-games.”
“If you are the Lord, how do you exercise your power?”
“With my mind. If you have your workplace in your mind, there are no travel expenses and if you have anything, you can get it right in your office.”
“What power do you have?”
“It’s a service power. I’m not into the Middle Ages, I’m into the modern world.”
“What about the people here?”
“The projection of worlds will change. It’s a huge improvement on the analogue management system we had before.”
“How does it change?”
“When I installed it, I got this world ready. So far, I’ve been working on opening up enough paths for sorting.”
“ For who?”
“There are a lot of empty identical Earths and one overcrowded one.”
“How will they be sorted?”
“By human qualities and intentions. That is, the similar are put into one world. I don’t even understand the oohing and aahing, but I don’t care what the fans are shouting into the on-field during the game. The important thing for them is what is on the scoreboard at the end of the game, and for them it is not the goal that is important, but the journey they have made. Everybody will find their way, but I admit that the Market still has to get used to this new service. That’s why I didn’t immediately hit out when I saw this payment indiscipline among those using the increased service.”
“Wasn’t it said that this ÉlményPark was free?”
“It is! Everyone has everything they need to fulfill themselves. But there are some creatures who don’t like simplicity, so I thought of them too. There are countless thematic channels available.”
“What determines who goes where?”
“First and foremost, which level you belong to. The advanced people or the intellectual natives. Although outwardly these people look similar, there is a big qualitative difference in their worldview. Spiritual natives have their own belief system, go to church and follow tribal rules according to their faith. The advanced man is an intellectual quality and deserves a level of self.”
“How do we get into these worlds?”
“You don’t even notice.”
“What will happen to this world?”
“I intend to keep the habitats of the intellectual natives, that is, it will stay longer unless some cause beyond my sight puts an end to it.”
“Is there anything beyond your horizon?”
“Of course! I do quality installation and also test it myself. And within a game, you really have to consider what information knowledge is ideal.”
“What about the peaceful people who go to church, the entrepreneurs, the politicians and the celebrities?”
“Both wildlife and domestic animals will remain in their current positions.”
“Will they stay?”
“That’s the beauty of it. They change as you want them to. Along with the people who want them to.”
“What do you do?”
“I’m into holo entertainment. Media business. But I have Energy Bank and many other interesting holo businesses.”
“How can I pray to you?”
“Help yourself and God will help you. It’s really a target program, because only the more interesting prayers come to me personally.”
“Thank you for your valuable time, we have more guests coming, but only after the commercial!”


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