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The question arises, why are you interested in the spiritual world? What is the spiritual world anyway? For someone who knows little about it, what does it mean to be in touch with it? What are the advantages of being special? Does it come with any obligations and responsibilities? Does this specialness come with power over others? Because 80% of people only see this. The other 20% are interested in the mystery part and the discovery.

But for those interested in mystery and exploration, neither the level of power nor the magic will leave you cold. That’s because when you know nothing about the inner world, you can only think about the outer world. Here again is the difference between esotericism and magic. Esotericism is about the inner world, that is, you examine yourself within yourself and the object of your examination is yourself. By contrast, magic is about the application of your intentions to the outside world through your inner power or through some technique. Such techniques have been developed since ancient times by a method of systematizing observational experiences.

How can your will prevail in the world? Science has discovered that our world has a holographic structure in which there is no distance in the communication of elements. If you cut off a small piece of a holographic sheet with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you will not see the small piece, but the whole image in miniature. If you look at a tiny slice of yourself inside yourself and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world inside yourself. This means that all the elements of the hologram contain all the information, it’s just accessing them that is the big question and you have the big answer to what esotericism is.

But for a beginner, there is a problem. And that is the enlightened light. The greater the brightness of this, the less important everything you now see as important becomes. The more you see of the world, the less you will care about everything you now think is important. The more you become immersed in it, the more those around you will be convinced that you have gone mad. The deeper you are in it, the harder it will be to talk about it to those around you, who will sooner or later see you as a sick person. As you begin to change the importance of things, you will lose more and more people and become more and more lonely. This is not surprising, because you can only do this in solitude.

I don’t know if anybody can think of the opposite of what 80% of people would do. The 80% would do it for the success that it would bring in life. So what am I talking about? It’s true, we’re talking about two things that are confused. But you better know now that this was one of the big failing problems that I had to solve. I was able to solve these problems by first going through an inner journey that lasted for 20 years, in which I meditated the whole time. In the process, I acquired the necessary level of consciousness, the right competence, overcame all the opposition that came my way and survived it all. There were moments when I thought about calling the ambulance, but on reflection they would not have understood the situation and if I had said anything they would have taken me to the locked ward. It’s all about belief in yourself, determination to get through the difficulties you’re going to have and the fact that once you get going, there’s not much to get out of it. But then are all those cool magicians who pop up on TV from time to time like that? Now you will understand the solution, the separation of admin and game levels.

If the world has a holographic structure, then it is really nothing more than a holographic video game in which we live = play. If we look at the world in this way, then we can clean up the world by ourselves. If players with admin power appear here, that is a mistake, because admin power can only be held by admin level members, who in turn have to give up their game goals. There is no wealth acquisition, no picking up chicks/guys and jockeying for position. Because they are in the game. So before you get into this, it’s worth thinking it through, because afterwards it’s too late. Although I have made corrections in this matter that offer a way out for many people who feel cheated, they will never get their old life back. Or I would rather put it this way in this reality on this timeline.

But how do you know which way to go? It’s simple. If you find yourself sitting at home alone and meditating on your individual path, you are certainly heading towards the admin level, which is no guarantee that you will get there. If you see yourself in a group with that orientation, going to a guru or temple, then the game level is your goal, which has admin levels, translating there is the opportunity for wealth acquisition and power over others. But because it’s a game, and what kind of game, it depends on where you are and who you’re with, and they’ll tell you what the price is. They will tell you sooner or later. The next lesson will be about how to get it started.

q u e s t i o n s

What is the spiritual world?

There are actually two spiritual worlds that people believe to be one. The first spiritual world is what I call the dream world. It is found in you on the network of which you, the individual, are at the endpoint of one of the realities of the physical world. The other spiritual world was created by the belief that you believe that the spiritual world is around you, invisible to the outside world. This was a serious problem, because it gave you the opportunity for external occupation, that is, for your world to be influenced by others, who, through this external spiritual world, also caused problems for your internal spiritual world. I solved it by giving them separate names and providing them with different functions.

In the eyes of a person who barely knows anything about it, what does it mean to contact this world?

I think all the people who barely know anything about it are connected to this world, they just haven’t woken up to it. And they instinctively use the opportunities that the spiritual world offers. When one becomes interested in it, the only difference is that the need for conscious use and the learning and development that goes with it comes in.

What is the benefit of being someone special?

It depends on what is considered an advantage and a disadvantage. Many people are so special that they disguise themselves as ordinary, so as not to conflict in their daily lives. The advantage usually comes in the form of some kind of power. But power is also when one footballer is faster than another, which is not unpleasant for him because it is accepted by society. In spirituality this is called charisma and is associated with it as an advantageous quality.

Does this come with some kind of obligation and responsibility?

Of course it does. This obligation and responsibility is similar to that of celebrities, and then it’s up to men to decide how much they feel like themselves. This means that his or her personality and character exudes invisibly to many people, just as the role model example is invisible here.

Does this specialness come with power over others?

All magic comes with power over others. But they have the side effect of sometimes making opponents stronger and often backfiring on the source of the intent. So it is not always that you have the magic and the other is powerless.

What is the reason why people with higher consciousness do not feel the difference between esotericism and magic?

Because people with higher consciousness are considered as ascended people and the closer you get to the collective consciousness, the more people you can interpret the concept of ‘self’ from that point of view. How you manage that is a separate task. The way I do it is by not casting magic on specific individuals, but by parameterizing my intentions. If I do it on a specific person, that’s how I know for sure I’m in the game.

If you are at admin level, how can you be in the game?

So that I return. I need to ensure I have the 3D timeline, the peace of a calm for my meditation and a normal world around me to continue at some point at admin level. The journey for me is 3 years there, but I will use this return for some internal testing.

What is the mechanism of action of magic?

Information is sent to the holographic level, which interacts with the complexity of the situation. Since there are many unknown factors, one can never be sure.

Do ghosts exist?

In this spiritual world created outside, they certainly exist because many people believe in them and their belief creates them. But instead of the term spirits, it is more accurate to use the term players existing on other planes.

Is esotericism equal to the search for God?

And also death research and dream research. The problem with this question is that it is worth clarifying the concept first. But you’re better off not defining it, because then you’re also limiting the search to the definition. It’s better to leave this question completely open so that you can understand it once you realize it.

Do you mean to say that if I go deep inside myself, what I would find outside, I will find inside myself?



If it were that easy, everyone would do it. I can’t tell you how to do it, I can only tell you how to be your own master so that you can do it yourself. After all, that’s what this website is about. But I don’t want to dodge the question, kind of like running home not to your games console, but to your inner world.

The fourth paragraph is not a great advertisement for this.

As I turned 50 and started to change my appearance, I reassured myself that what I was doing was not a beauty contest. It’s not about getting as many people to do it as possible, it’s much better if many people would rather not do it, but the few that do won’t cry in the middle.

How did you get into this?

I was the 20% who was still thinking in terms of the outside world. Someone in my circle of friends at the time got in touch with someone and that’s how I got involved. But I didn’t run headlong into the wall, I was just interested in whether this spiritual world really existed. I was convinced that it did, but I thought it was premature, so I came back to life and lived what I could. I thought at the time that I could do it when I was 30 or 40 years old and I think it was not fate that led me into meditation 10 years later, but a radiance of my own intention.

What have you lived through?

You have to be careful with dating, because what is a success in life can be a failure later. I’m not saying I didn’t feel a lack of success, but that’s also a matter of perspective. At times like this, the Helpers are not in an easy position, but I didn’t cause them many problems, because although I am only interested in women, I have never been that interested in them. But it was during this time that I really learned to play tennis and I did a year abroad on a UN mission. Those who knew me before that would have been surprised to hear that I was going to sit in one place for 20 years. But I wasn’t bored, especially as the time was quite different from an internal point of view.

If I move to this admin level, can I never have goals that would be natural in such a civilization?

It’s a good question because I came to the same conclusion as you in the second ten-year cycle. So I created a new level at the admin level where it is possible to do something like this, but I have to test it first. This is the admin game level, where you can go on holidays and participate in smaller or bigger games. But this is the topic of the highest of the 5 levels created here, and we are at the lowest level.

If there is no guarantee that I won’t get to admin level, where can I go?

One of the admin levels of the game. It’s not systems development, but content and game development, design and organisation.

You said that this external spiritual world was created by human faith. How?

One of the characteristics of a hologram is that it is in constant interaction with what you know and believe about the world. Understand this to mean that if you believe a god with a grey beard exists, then for you he will exist because the hologram creates him for you. It’s really like a video game that you control from within and the more I learned about it all, the more I came to believe that. What do they say about fear? That you invite them in. How? By the hologram interpreting it as a game request. How nice that someone figured out and made us believe in guardian angels, they helped me a lot in the beginning until I figured out how to solve these things myself.


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