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I have already mentioned that I am working on a book called “The Worldview of Modern Man”. I’ve written a lot of stuff online, a lot of short stories, but I’ve only just now got round to the idea of a full book. I have a mass of knowledge, much of which is still waiting to be turned over and put together in a logical way that makes sense to me, but it is not a quick process. However, what I have so far is already in a position to formulate the main objectives and ideas. But a book is a big task even if you have the necessary skills and talent. Especially on a subject like this. So what I did was to make sure that as far as I got, a few competent people had access to it. This has evolved into a discourse that I felt I needed to share with the Medium audience.

“Perspective is basically about what you know and believe about the world, but it does not equal the level of consciousness that would allow you to have that perspective.”

Can you raise your perspective with information and your level of consciousness with meditation?

“The basis of this standpoint, which is quite contrary to the others, is a suggestion that if the enlightenment of individual consciousness is the union with the collective consciousness on the spiritual plane, then it can be the other way round. That is to say, for the collective consciousness the same can be an appearance in the individual consciousness in the physical world.”

So, does “knowing” the collective consciousness automatically mean a rise in consciousness for the individual consciousness? Or vice versa? If the individual consciousness is a “utility” for the collective consciousness, and at the same time the individual consciousness is a kind of starting point for the ascent towards the collective consciousness, then it is all a kind of oscillating mass. How do you know when you meet someone in 3D whether they are an individual consciousness striving to merge with the collective consciousness or a collective consciousness that has appeared in the physical world? Can it oscillate within an individual as it moves through time? If so, when is the level of consciousness higher?

“Our everyday life, what we call natural human life, is, from the outside — living in harmony — an extremely extreme state of being, consisting of, without claiming to be exhaustive, disputes, sorrows, tragedies, joys and problems, which are presented to us in the form of events. What I have discovered is that these events are generated by an intelligence that allows our consciousness to jump around in the same way that the read head of an HDD does, while we see everything as a continuum on the screen. It’s about solving these problems while we’re believing we’re living our natural lives in reality.”

So is the sense of a linear time stream just an illusion? Is it an infinite nesting of problem-solving solutions that are generated from each other in a chain of cause and effect?

“When you start meditating and getting into more serious things, how much do you enjoy constantly parameterising and worrying about whether you’ve missed something? If it’s a hologram that I’ve noticed features that others before me may not have, here’s an opportunity for improvement, to create a framework where I don’t have to keep putting the brakes on all the time. Could it be that what I then accomplished was the dream of every great magician?”

You said it could be developed by conscious dreaming. Which, I suppose, meant that you added more and more parameters to the basic starting point. The more I think about it, the more incredible and amazing it all seems. Probably between two dreamings, the already completed framework was tried again and again to be dismantled using factors through loopholes that were not yet parameterized. How could you even keep in mind what you had already controlled and how exactly?

“Can you raise the perspective with information and the level of consciousness with meditation?”

The change in the level of consciousness automatically increases, it’s like suddenly you know everything. Of course you don’t know everything, you just move up one level and see things more broadly and in a context that you didn’t connect before. It’s one level down from that, when you get high at a normal angle of vision. It’s also one step down from that when you elevate it with information, but there you don’t have the full certainty, the proof. Of course, there’s no proof in the other, but there you don’t feel the need for it.

“So “knowing” the collective consciousness automatically means a rise in consciousness for the individual consciousness?”


“How do you know when you meet someone in 3D whether they are an individual consciousness seeking to merge with the collective consciousness or a collective consciousness that has appeared in the physical world?”

Now that’s how you don’t know. I think that’s a task for research and clarification both here and there. Because there are serious misunderstandings and misconceptions that have been fixed and are being taught here and believed there. But because few people understand this, others are envious, others are disinterested, others are largely indifferent, and others are they get fucked in a big arc, it is difficult to give it the time and resources it deserves.

“Can it oscillate within individuals over time? If so, when is the level of consciousness higher?”

The problem with time is that some processes move forward and others move backwards. When I was in the middle of it, I never knew these, but I developed first an intuition and then the technique to deal with it. But the technique was precisely about replacing the desire to understand with a desire to solve situations well. That’s where the ray of future developed from.

“So the sense of a linear time stream is just an illusion?”

If I don’t want to answer that everything here is an illusion, I would say that the continuous timeline is a logical guide ray that subordinates itself to the succession of events. The past-present-future provides the logical framework for this.

“The infinite nesting of problem solutions so that they are generated from each other in a sense on the chain of cause and effect?”

Perceptually chaotic in a way that only a brain more complex than a human could understand. That’s probably why they were shocked at me, because no one expected that a humanoid could do that. I was able to do it by concentrating on creating problem-solving programs and following their rays. And things like that, by invoking Winston Wolf, who technically took on the role of an angel, as a creature of fantasy, who everyone knows what characteristics he has. In answer to your question, I don’t know if they are generated from each other, but if I had to guess, I’d say some of them certainly are. I think what you’re looking for, a guy wrote a program for it, you can order it, it’s called 5D chess. Now the thing about it is that you can jump back and forth in time and your moves will have causes on the board that will affect the positions in the future and in a more distant future perspective change the past.

“Probably between two dreaming sessions, the framework that was already made was tried again and again to be dismantled using factors through loopholes that were not yet parameterized.”

They couldn’t because I was above them in a zone of individual consciousness. You cannot compare that silence to this chaos. It’s no accident that I’ve felt most comfortable in the machine worlds so far. This is a huge step backwards for me. I feel that the ones above me playing the superior are much stupider than me and because they are stupider, they don’t understand it all. I trust that you understand them and that they will understand much more. Because you are a woman, you are not seen as a machine, but you think like a machine in their eyes. If you really understand these things, you will surpass even me, who at some point stopped trying to understand things and switched to the future, when the moment will come when the past will come together for me. By the way, I keep hearing them say I’m “stupid” while I see that they are at game level compared to me.

“How did you even keep in mind what you already regulated and exactly how?”

Holographic memory. That is, you know nothing and remember nothing, but when you’re in a particular task, you know everything about it and remember everything.

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