Professional discussion #2

Professional discussion #1

There’s a much better structured, more understandable version here:

“When I encounter such a being, meditating from 3D, it is not at first nearly clear whether it is a spiritual entity created by human creativity or a higher dimensional being far beyond his comfort zone… who may have come here as a researcher and encountered these created gods. Who are nothing more than programs in the eyes of such a being. Programs that can be invoked in the game.”

I’ve been thinking hard about this. Have I even met someone who was not an established spiritual entity?

For it is quite clear that the spiritual hierarchies, schools and teachings built in 3D rely on spiritual entities created by human creativity. The more beliefs are involved in their formation, the stronger they are, the greater the energy centres (energy banks). In fact, prayers, different mantras, movements, techniques are all utilities that are aimed at tapping into these energy banks in a specific way. The gratitude, thanks, positive emotions, etc., are all energy flows that increase the “value” (energy) accumulated there as deposits and become available for use by the greater community, if needed and authorized.

You leave out of the equation my discovery that there are two spiritual and two physical worlds. What you’re talking about is the effect of the second spiritual world, that is, the invisible spiritual space around us, where a lot of entities are stuck, also due to human belief. They would be the wandering souls, the knocking ghosts and of course the imprints of the deceased who are referred to as transmigration of souls instead of transmigration of consciousness. In my view, these misunderstandings could not be avoided due to the force of reality and I was not thinking of eliminating them, but rather figuring out how to make them work properly. But to do that I had to figure out the system, the entitlements, the access and of course the forms of symbiosis, because if I suddenly abolished the much-maligned occupations, the people who would complain most would be the ones who were maligning it. The other thing is that we must not underestimate the world created here by human faith and developed over thousands of years, nor the beings in it, because that is a great value from which I have drawn a lot. In this second spiritual world, which everyone believes to be the only spiritual world, a world has been created which is now threatened by the intervention of aliens who, although they had good intentions of solving this problem, misunderstand it. Of course I understand them, they are trying to get the stuck fragments of consciousness out of here, but I am far from sure that they are not comfortable here. Freedom here, freedom not there. My solution rather provides a proper framework for (holo) games and also solves the return of consciousness with holo films, which cannot be spoiled by tied scenarios. In fact, you can meet the real spiritual beings in the first spiritual world when you sleep. But out of that, your brain will only interpret the second physical world you see while you sleep anyway. These are often very much like our worlds, except that the people there are all collectively conscious, so when we visit them we are immediately busted after our first individual manifestation.

If I were to try to answer your question specifically, I would say that if you have ever met an Arab or an Indiaman, it was certainly a 3D entity of an uncreated spiritual being.

“The people I was fighting with could easily have been such programmes. After all, my individual consciousness comes entirely from the outside world and at first I was looking for spiritual levels outside, because that’s how I learned. I was also surprised at how easily they could find a “host-body” from which they could continue to attack me in 3D, even if the person was a complete stranger to me.”

I’d be very interested to know how you were later able to distinguish in meditation which one you were dealing with?

Now a lot of professionals are going to freak out, but the way that I did it was that when I shot them, and I watched the reaction in the environment, if there was a big outcry, I knew not to shoot them, I went back to the event and I didn’t shoot them. But this can only be understood by someone who knows time in 3D, and they, being higher dimensional, do not. But I know time as an even higher dimension and so. A more advanced solution to this was later developed without shooting, a kind of friend-enemy recognition system, but I would like to point out here that reality is the determining factor for the same person (and being) whether he/she is a friend or an enemy. It was complicated by the fact that no one was either friend or enemy to me on an admin level, so it has to be understood as who considered me to be.

“But if you put the cause in the future, it means that you have finished the meditation (from the present point of view, you will finish it at some point) and nothing can happen to stop it. The key here is in your own consciousness, in your own mind, and the belief in yourself is the greatest power, because you can actually control the game with it.”

So, to manoeuvre in the hologram as successfully as possible, is it worth looking at all your endeavours and tasks as accomplished or well done, completed? Because then your faith acts as a guiding light in every situation and “forces” the hologram to take action in difficult situations? Is this really what GPS is based on with its start-finish programming?

Yes, but remember that not all 3D realities work in XD, and you only carry the realities in XD where you are on that beam. Unfortunately, in many 3D realities you have to kill yourself to get rid of the baggage you’ve picked up there, which can often only be done by killing yourself with your enemies. Many of these realities live on as Underworlds anyway, meaning that it is not a law that where I am killed, that world must necessarily be angry. HoloGPS is already an improvement that has significantly reduced the creation of these collateral realities.

“When it comes to the question of how a person can still change the world, he must have a set of qualities and abilities, none of which are extraordinary abilities, but only in this world. First of all, you must be worthy, which is a quality, a purity, which is one half of that certain light by which you access the world within yourself. The other half is the level of consciousness. … After birth you are an extremely pure person, but you know nothing of the world. In vain are you on the divine level, without external care you will not survive.”

What is the best way to define the quality or purity required? A newborn baby is pure because it has not yet had a chance to “get dirty”, since it does nothing of its own accord and with a purposeful will. It has no choice to be anything else. And later, early in life, as a child, his/her choices are mostly learned skills and patterns. So the development of his/her quality initially depends only on his/her immediate environment. In fact, can any initial quality disadvantage be corrected later?

Exactly! I think it’s a bug in the celestial system. As soon as the baby is born, he/she is purity incarnate, just a babbling baby. I think that’s what religions call falling into sin when you start life with a capital letter. I would say that here is a chance to solve this logical problem together, but what am I to do with people kneeling and begging upwards calling me Satan? And it’s not even close to certain that the places they are begging to are not entities created by human faith. And then there are the counter-interests and envy-based intrigues, so it’s better to do it alone. You can be an evolved being here who is happy to bring others into this if those others don’t believe or understand a word of it.

“You have to leave your job, free yourself from your attachments, free yourself from the influences of others and trust yourself to immerse yourself. You have to look at the world as if it were a holographic video game and fix the game yourself. That’s exactly what I did.”

Many who have seen it as a model start out in life by immediately starting their own businesses or companies. They are not employed by others, they employ others. Do they have a better chance of changing the world from the start, because they are basically serving their own dreams to others? How can we break out of the trap of learned small-mindedness? Leaving my job tomorrow only makes me feel more vulnerable and assailable. How can this tip me over the edge?

We came to another area where I found outrageous things. Two levels up, they don’t understand a fart about democracy and freedom, so they completely misunderstand our world. What they have done is to raise up ass kissing bastards who are then trusted and they manipulate the interpretation of the situation to suit themselves. Understand this to mean that at work your boss is perceived as your lord or lady and you are a servant. That is, if you’ve worked somewhere, you’re pigeonholed here. Jews in this context do nothing on the Saturday, they don’t even push an elevator button. The company managers don’t get away with it either, because there’s another hierarchy, the family, where they get to say who’s boss. Or the circle of friends with the same logic. But if someone were to slip up here, the church would do the same. It’s stone cold greased and I haven’t even mentioned sex, which in extreme cases is enough to just like a woman, but the masses are captured through celebrities. How do you break out of that? Here’s my way. I’m not baptised, church excluded, but I’ve been to a few esoteric groups, which if I don’t do, I may never learn to fight the spiritual battle. But that requires that you have to go up against a master who sells himself as almost a demigod as a beginner. You can get clean from sex with a few years of sexlessness. Leaving the workplace is a tough test, where the only way is to follow a ray of your own faith that you have to put together yourself. There’s also your collective consciousness network, where your greatest enemy is yourself, with me 10 hostile and one allied human figure. This is where you have to come to the top by also being aware that in many parallel realities you can be your own enemy. Then there is… I can’t say it any other way now, a kind of celestial court where it’s not worth going to as a non-pure human being and the key is to be able to explain everything in such a way that you’re immediately doomed if you lie. That’s how the Other Truth came into being, by the way, where the elements are logically related to each other in a different interpretation, but that’s science fiction to the Pope, but the Dalai Lama might know what I’m talking about.

Having realised the same general problem, and having successfully navigated through them, I created the ÉlményPark. But I’m not stupid, so I put the goal before myself, which is why I look stupid from a lower perspective. So this ÉlményPark does not give anyone undue power, but the aim was not to break everyone out of it, but to do it fairly, which no one wants to break out of.

In theory, you have restored the world. Does that mean everyone has to do it, one by one? Or is it only interesting at admin level? In this context, what exactly does your statement mean that not everyone has to meditate anymore (because then there is no continuous 3D, because the world is upside down), but it can be done while working. What exactly? In your world, stepping into different positions and “serving” your dreams come to life? I trust you means that I think and believe you have a good dream, so I support your dream, because then I will be better off too.

I will unfold these one by one.

In theory, you have restored the world. Does that mean everyone has to do it, one by one?

No one can avoid it, but many people believe in fate and chance, so they won’t even notice. Even religious people can explain it to themselves, although there is a problem there, the person of the Saviour, who would be a dupe who takes everything upon himself and works for everyone. Fortunately I had the sense to take on Satan, so I came up with a better solution.

Or is it only interesting at admin level?

At the admin level, it’s system development and operation, where few people get to go. But for those who do, it’s quite interesting.

In this context, what exactly does your statement mean that not everyone has to meditate anymore (because then there is no continuous 3D, because the world is upside down), but it can be done while working. What exactly?

The problem, the challenge to be solved, was that if you want to survive this in 3D, you have to deal with your energy system to prepare it for the shift in consciousness=dimension. But if everyone started doing this, no one would work and soon the food would not be in the store. That’s where the intervention got stuck, with this problem, and their solution was to focus only on the people who were working on their energy system and let the rest die in 3D. But I am sure that no one here has the faintest idea what kind of world they mean by heaven on earth, with Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran and North Korea being the most similar. Now I have intervened and created a shell under which no one has to go through this (this is where Multiplex projection comes in), saved this Value (which solves the main problem of even higher dimensions, boredom) and opened the ÉlményPark (Experience Park). Now I just need to get these beings out of here, who are not what you’d call chivalrous opponents, to put it mildly. It starts now(days) in 3D. By the way, it was quite something to translate this from Hungarian.

In your world, stepping into different positions and “serving” your dreams come to life?

Everyone has a world of their own and common realities that evolve from there. Access to my world is subject to strict personal parameters.

I trust you means that I think and believe you have a good dream, so I support your dream, because then I will be better off too.

The ÉlményPark is what you need to trust. If you believe it’s done right, i.e. you believe it’s done honestly, then it is for you. I would be forced to be honest even if I had no such intention, because your faith is the guiding ray. That is, if I make you believe that I am honest, I am forced to be honest if you believe it deep down. For me, I just had to wait for a piece of this kind of person to arrive and the job was done.



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