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If anyone worriedly asks you what will happen to your shift in consciousness, tell them it’s already taken care of. The purpose of the Game is the Play, where the most valuable actor is the player, or the actor him/her self. You are in the movie of your life.

Try to live your life in such a way that if it is a film, it should be a good film in its genre. If the story sucks, make sure the actors are good. Because good actors make good films. Live your life and you’ll feel much better, especially if you press that imaginary button that opens the Door of Opportunity.

But before you press that button, it’s worth thinking about whether you can boost your current life in a way that will open up better opportunities for you if you press it later. By doing so, you might start smiling at everyone around you or get rid of unnecessary people in your life. You can step out of your unnecessary affairs and let go of unnecessary items and debts from your old life.

Once a journalist decided to clean up her Facebook account and deleted a lot of people. She had the idea to write an article about how her life would change after that. She felt a surprising sense of relief, as if she had got rid of an unnecessary burden. Science is not yet at the point of proving the presence of invisible channels that can now be easily explained by the holographic worldview. There are certainly advantages to these people, but superfluous people are superfluous because they are already superfluous.

Here is the easiest, fastest and simplest way to change your life. You just need to open your radius:

1. Your old life is part of your Old Film

2. All the things and circumstances you don’t want to bring into your new life are part of your old life and will sooner or later disappear

3. You are the protagonist of your own film, the others are the title characters, supporting actors and figurants

4. The New Film begins where the old one ended

5. That is, your current situation is the end of your Old Film and your New Film starts from here

6. Your loved ones and those you continue to project take their place

7. Now visualize a button to press to start if you want to open the new season

8. If you don’t start, you can still be a supporting actor in other people’s films, from which you have the potential for starring roles

9. You can start a New Film later if you feel you can improve on your starting point

It is done because these celestials thought that you were at least a little bit interested in your own spiritual part and they had a plan to do it. One that didn’t include that possibility. So they called in a specialist who happens to be from right here, and his body is right there in 3D right now. The expert assured them that they could do the consciousness level shift solo, in pairs and in groups, not to mention continents and planetary levels. There is far more value in this species living only in the outside world than to impose conditions other than its essence. You can live your life, and many visionaries will be liberated.


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