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Knowledge is the present ability to access possibilities. Until it was discovered (and fought for) that the Earth orbited the Sun, people lived as if everything orbited the Earth. But then Galileo came up with his famous saying: ‘Eppur si muove’ and yet the Earth moves. People today still believe that.

So we can see that science treats something as truth until it turns out that a new truth has emerged that puts the old one in the past tense. Here is the proof that the old one was a lie, yet everyone believed it to be true. But yet it is not seen as a lie in the light of the new truth, but as a stage of progress from which we have arrived at another stage.

The same is true of the Moon. There are many strange things about it that science cannot explain. The reason it cannot explain it is that science works on the basis of evidence, but if the evidence does not fit the scientific picture, it is usually either ignored or theories are formulated. Again, these theories can only be given boundaries that fit within the framework of science. Even though they know that the Earth could never hold a moon of this size, this is one theory, despite the fact that two other questions immediately arise: its orbit and its rotation. The other theory is that it broke away from Earth, ignoring the fact that the Moon is older than the solar system. But then how and when did it get here? There are answers to these questions, but they are extremely unscientific*.

Nándor Várkonyi: The Pillars of Siriát | Our current moon is the fourth moon of the Earth. The previous three crashed into Earth, destroying previous civilisations.

Research on the evolution of the human species is based on DNA and archaeology. Although archaeological research is based on evidence, it raises many questions that are left to conjecture, i.e. it does exactly what astronomers do, theorise. The problem with these theories is that I could formulate such theories myself, but I have no paper on it and science does nothing but make it dependent on the rank of the scientist which theory is accepted as true. But there is a blank spot in this, and that is the fact that no artifact has yet been found that would constitute the transition to homo sapiens. There is another answer to this, which is also extremely unscientific**. DNA research has also raised many interesting questions that do not fit the present truth, one of which is that there are no Neanderthal genes in black man. However, the currently accepted theory is that homo sapiens originated in Africa and all humans are descended from them. But why then are there such distinct races, living in geologically defined areas? I don’t like to repeat myself so often, but the answer to this is extremely unscientific***.

Béla Hamvas: “The caveman is not from the beginning of the world, but from the end”

Religion says that man was created. Creation is rejected by science, despite the fact that even today, at the very beginning of DNA research, science is able to clone and create new life forms, albeit by crossing existing genes. It can therefore be said that creation could theoretically happen, we just do not yet have the technology to do it from scratch. There is indirect evidence for this, and this is the missing link that archaeologists have not found. You won’t guess the answer, also extremely unscientific****.

The word anomaly means: an abnormal condition; a deviation from the norm, a disnormality. So for something to be an anomaly, there must be a rule that it deviates from and an order that it does not fit. I cannot emphasize enough that we are only at a particular point in the timeline that has transcended the truths of past ages and is ahead of the truths of ages to come. Because to see something as truth is just that: there is not enough information yet. But what if that information is unscientific by today’s standards and what happens if that unscientificness is proven?

Findings that contradict anthropology and Darwinian evolution: Spike, about 400 million years old, in the sandpit, Scotland | Gold thread, about 300 million years old, England | Metal vase, about 300 million years old, Massachusetts, USA | Limestone ball, 45–55 million years old, in brown coal, France | Metal pipes, 65 million years old, in limestone, France | Gold chain, 260–300 million years old, in coal, Illinois, USA | Engraved metal balls, 2.8 billion years old (!), South-Africa | Shoe imprint, 500 million years old, in clay shale, Utah, USA | Human skeleton, 300 million years old, in coal, Illinois, USA | Homo Sapiens skullcap, 1–1.5 million years old, Goldmine, California, USA | Human and dinosaur footprints together, 150 million years old, Turkmenia | Hammer embedded in rock, London | Miniature metal spiral, 300.000 years old, Italy, Etc, etc, etc…

How is it possible that gears have been found in millions of years of coal and why is it only alternative research that deals with this? I have compiled the following highly unscientific answers from information gathered during my own research. I have no evidence at hand, only theories that are no worse than the theories of scientists, but have wider logical limits.

*| How and when did the Moon get here?

Two sources are worth mentioning. One is an excerpt from David Icke’s research on the Moon, the other is Antal Grüll’s book Atlan. With a few exceptions, these are consistent with what I found in my other sources. The Moon was brought here when a space war caused the planet Prosperine, which orbited between Mars and Jupiter, to break up. Today it is known as the asteroid belt. In this war, Mars was severely damaged and transformed into its present form. I note that NASA research also confirms that Mars may once have looked like today’s Earth. The Moon was used for space travel by carving out its interior and converting it into a space vehicle for long-distance travel. It is not the only artificial object of its kind in the Solar System, including Saturn’s moon Iapetus and Mars’ moon Phobos. The unknown factor that current scientific theories do not take into account is the existence of technologically advanced alien species.

**| No artifact has yet been found that would represent the transition to homo sapiens

The reason they haven’t found it yet is because there is no such artifact. Man on Earth was artificially created, as reported in certain ancient creation myths, but such an interpretation is outside the scope of modern science. The circumstantial evidence for this is as follows. Compared to other species, the brain volume of man has increased dramatically and in a very short time. In addition, sequences have been found in human DNA that are not found in any other species on Earth. The unknown factor is also the existence of technologically advanced aliens.

***| Why are there such distinct races living in geologically defined areas?

Because it is a hologram, to which are attached consciousnesses from the higher dimensions that appear in the form of many people on the physical plane. Science has already discovered the hologram and has also recognised that the outside world is a hologram of this kind, but on a gigantic scale when viewed from the inside. If this is a hologram, it completely redefines our view of the world and creates the possibility that this reassessed understanding of the world will be followed by science. But this is a long way off at the current rate, and it also involves science reaching the religious frontier, so change would only come suddenly with confrontation. The hologram should be known to be highly responsive to events, and it is about the ‘here and now’, not how events have evolved. In other words, it is completely irrelevant who evolved from whom, from where and how. What matters is the intention and its realisation at a given point in the timeline. The unknown factor here is the existence of the spiritual world and its interaction with the 3D physical plane. Of which the existence of alien species is thus a subset.

****| The missing link not found by archaeologists.

If there are artifacts that contradict anthropology and Darwinian evolutionary theory, they can be approached from two directions. One accepts time and dimension travel, the other does not. The latter is considered a rigid position if we accept the existence of higher dimensions and their ability to enter 3D, in which case why would they be bound by the timeline. If a species time migrates to another age, it is no different in 3D than if it moves to another place, from their perspective of course. Another direction that rejects time and dimensional travel also justifies the 300 million year old gold chain in coal, but in this case the emergence and re-emergence of life is a much more general thing in the universe.

The main issue here, in my opinion, is who draws the time first. If there really is such a thing as dimensional travel, perhaps in a much more general form than even the most daring person would think, then it could easily be that over millions of years it will be forgotten who came first. What is also possible is that logical loops are created, i.e. whoever was the first to draw time could have been created by someone. Remember, it’s a hologram! It’s nothing more than an adventure game where creation can be just a holo installation. If you were to buy a console adventure game in the store and you started it up and could vary the settings of the game however you wanted, would you be bound by what the default settings are?



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