My Stories & The Point

Since half of my consciousness is outside space-time, it doesn’t matter at all when I write something.

If you play an adventure game on a game console, how real is it? It’s both real and not real. 3D could perhaps be understood in a hologram like a monitor. The universe doesn’t exist outside the mind, the human brain is hardware, a holographic computer that allows those in the game to perceive the outside world around them. Disciplines such as physics (and mathematics) are exploring the parameters of this game, but there are more efficient ways of doing so. It’s called brain development through meditation. This is what Eastern philosophies and Western spiritual movements talk about, but no one has yet connected it with the scientific realization that it is a HOLOGRAM.

I started to explore the spiritual world with this eye 20 years ago. Since then I have been doing only that and now I have come to the point where I am returning with my consciousness. Which is a process of several years. On this website you will find material that will help you understand the world with a new understanding of the world and push the boundaries of the mystical further.

The meaning of life:



Experience — Adventure

Research — Development

There is only one way to enter the process, with your mind, within yourself, inward. Refresh your mind!

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