Make Middle Age Great Again

Donald Trump’s personality is a 100% reflection of the being who is currently leading the alien intervention. The alien intervention saw occupation as the most peaceful way to put humanity on the course they wanted. Patterns typical of alien intervention:

  • the story is initially about something quite different from what it becomes
  • those who enter this world at the beginning find themselves in a cult-like world from which exit is only possible through ‘betrayal’
  • aliens are high in spiritual technology and are strengthened by the belief that aliens do not exist
  • spiritual technology is not external but internal, so its members appear to be believers who are not influenced by reason
  • with half-truths and lies to tear people apart, who are then easier to occupy
  • the occupation affects everyone, but the rational brain is not their home turf
  • the elimination of the rational brain will usher in a medieval world, which they call heaven on earth
  • this world on Earth is compared to North Korea, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and many other states that today seem insignificant

When they come to power, they use salami tactics to eliminate dissenters by successively casting them in the role of the enemy of the moment. I think their entry point may have been Russian space exploration and from there they spread to the world.

The Heart of the Earth is in Hungary, and whoever controls this territory has influence over the whole world. I can give you a revealing picture of how the world of knowledge is being torn apart through education.

Having reached 85% influence in the battle on the spiritual plane, followed with some delay by the physical plane, they are now at 32%, which can only be seen with an expert eye on the physical plane.

The situation was extremely critical, what I would say on the physical plane will be extremely critical. Our societies have been so badly damaged that they cannot be restored to their former form, but it is possible to build something better from the ruins. Because of the time difference between the planes, there was an opportunity to consult those who felt competent on this issue between 2015 and 2018, but no one came. I therefore set about finding a solution myself, as best I could, on the following basis. In contrast to alien spiritual technology, I have developed a more advanced technology than that, the physical manifestation of which you will see (with a professional eye) in the coming years.

Because I think an advanced human being can decide for himself what heaven on earth should look like.



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