Alien communication

The reason we don’t receive alien radio signals is because aliens don’t use radio signals. Radio signals can only be developed by civilizations that live on the extreme frequencies of reality. Like ours. This has not always been the case, in the ancient material of the Hungarians, the Arvisura, thought communication, i.e. the exchange of information by means of thought vibrations by those initiated into it, appears in a completely natural way. But as our world became more and more individual-centred, it shifted further towards reality. In a sense this meant decline, but it paved the way for the technical civilisation we know today. But let’s look at the scientific basis of alien communication technology.

A special experiment took place in 1982 at the University of Paris. A research team led by physicist Alain Aspect has made some of the most important observations of the 20th century, according to some opinions. The results were not reported in the media, and the name of Alain Aspect could only be heard by those who were constantly hiding in scientific journals. Yet there are those who believe that a particular discovery could overturn science. The French research team discovered that under certain conditions, subatomic particles, such as electrons, are able to communicate with each other instantly, regardless of the distance between them. So it doesn’t matter if they are 3 meters or 10 billion kilometers apart. Somehow, each particle knows what the other is doing. The only problem with this is that it contradicts Einstein’s thesis that no information can travel faster than the speed of light. Since moving faster than the speed of light is tantamount to breaking the time limit, the staggering prospects prompted some physicists to attempt to explain what might actually be behind Aspect’s observations. Others, however, were encouraged by the results to conduct even more radical experiments. David Bohm, a physicist at the University of London, for example, has come to the conclusion that Alain Aspect’s findings are an indirect refutation of objective reality. So the tangible solid form of the universe is merely an apparent, gigantic hologram of reality experienced by all. >>>

Earth technology is therefore based on the idea of figuring out how to enable instant communication and data transfer over long distances between individuals who are separated from each other and who would not be able to do so because of the distance. But aliens can do this, so there was no reason for them to be interested in such technologies. On Earth, the closest thing aliens have to such a capability is esotericism, or holotechnology, but they do not relate to holotechnology in an internal sense, but in an external sense. It is difficult for humans on Earth to conceive of the human body as hardware, which means that an external device is needed to do this. When a naturopath transmits cosmic energy through the palm of his hand, it is much closer to the alien’s perspective than to that of the earthly man. To do this, the man on earth needs a machine that he can turn on, see the lights going on and then accept the existence of such energies.

So there is a boundary, a wall in the world of science that does not give credibility to these invisible energies until someone discovers them, and certainly the name of the discoverer will be on these cosmic energies. Discovery requires proof, which is preceded first by measurements and then by the establishment of laws. Measurements must then be taken to the scientific level, so that these energies can be detected by means of some kind of instrument.

How did the bats navigate in the dark until we discovered ultrasound?

But these energies can be detected by anyone using a device called a candle. The experiment should be done with the windows closed in an environment where there is no airflow. You don’t need to concentrate on the candle flame with tense attention, just sit relaxed next to it until you notice that the flame starts to vibrate. Those who are more sensitive may then be able to perceive within themselves, at the same time as the flickering, a stream of what might be called cosmic energy, at least in the eyes of the ordinary person.

The alien communication technology therefore uses the holographic level to communicate by people who are trained to do so. And we use information technology to do the same, which is done by professionals. There is the level that can be done by anyone, as here, and there is the level that requires training, as here. If you think about it in more depth, you find that the two worlds are hardly different. There is only one difference, and that is the level of perception of reality. Collective consciousness is something they experience in practice, so they use it naturally… which is a special ability for us. And our ability to bypass this collective channel and send information to distant points via the internet is a special ability for them.

The windy environment we live in is an extreme isolation, the purpose of which is obscure, but still open to conjecture. My guess is that someone at some point misunderstood the meaning of the physical plane. To this essence, our world is much more like theirs, which follows more the pattern of the spiritual planes. The fact is that in societies created by separate individuals, the chances of warfare are blatantly high, but the chances of boredom are blatantly low, which is the biggest problem I have experienced in the higher dimensions. The physical plane is the realm of the individual and the world of individual consciousness, in which it is natural that there will be those who venture to explore the spiritual planes. The result of my meditations, and therefore my conclusion, is that our world is fine as it is. We just need to do it (much) better, not kneel and beg to those who would bring a pattern outside our plane with the promise of peace and the abolition of freedom. Where then everyone under the duvet would wish for a less boring world.

Interestingly, in the extreme extreme environment, the mirror of the world gets closer, but no one notices. You have the Internet right in front of your eyes, but I doubt that anyone would think of seeing the workings of spiritual networks of consciousness right in front of you.



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