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Development based on my own invention. This hStore (holoStore) is not on the physical plane, but I have figured out how to present a fraction of it that way. By default, this hStore is available to everyone with the mind. Since we are not always in the same state of mind, life situations and moods, you only have access to what you are entitled to at the time. Just think of the hStore and you have access to the holoprograms.

These holoprogrammes can be divided into three groups. You can access and start the first one. The second you have access to, but in order to start it you have to fulfil a condition, which is usually something you should have done for yourself a long time ago. It can be learning, it can be something like forgiving someone or, conversely, apologising to someone and it can be making up for something you have done or failed to do. These programs are a great help to your spiritual guides, which I have created using parametric programming. This means that they are empty frameworks that everyone fills with content and thus become unique. In developing them, I was looking for a way to sort out this spiritual chaos, reminiscent of the Wild West, by approaching the individual not from the perspective of the collective consciousness, but the other way around. As you start them, they become unique and only for you. The third group are the programs that you don’t have access to, or don’t have access to yet, but if you meet the conditions for access, they become available.

Collective occupation is devoid of individual considerations and does not pay attention to distinguishing between the qualities of individual people. They are only interested in which people pledge loyalty to them and demonstrate an uncritical attitude that does not even allow for dissent or even a suggestion. The result is the rise of populism and autocratic patterns, and the placing in power of people whom a thinking person would see as unworthy. One reason is that the collective consciousness does not understand the individual consciousness in the same way that the individual consciousness does not understand the collective. I have encountered misunderstandings for which it was easier to work out a complex system from scratch, taking into account the points of view of all parties, than to start explaining everything to everyone. It is installed on the consciousness network, everyone can access it. Your mind is like a browser where the spiritual world is the internet. That’s the easiest way to understand it.

I brought some of these down to the physical plane and had to figure out how you could access them. You sit in front of your computer or your phone anywhere in the world. Although it’s better to focus your eyes behind the images, basically just looking at these images is enough. The holographic level doesn’t care what physical object is projecting these vibrations. The programs are basically organised according to a target environment pattern, i.e. each room is a separate environment. But since we are not all the same and there is no special rule for these, it is all available in one.

Or from this list:


Access rights | 2.holoinstall.com

Action plan | 6.holoinstall.com

Adventure Games | 9.holoinstall.com

Adventure manager | elmenypark.com

Adventure support | 5.holoinstall.com

An idiot in Innerland | 9.holoinstall.com

Anaesthetic | 5.holoinstall.com

Angel of the Sun | 6.holoinstall.com

Astronomy | 6.holoinstall.com

Atmosphere of Freedom | 6.holoinstall.com

Auto 1ST1 | 4.holoinstall.com

Auto correction | 3.holoinstall.com

Auto Correction | 6.holoinstall.com

Auto Hologame Generator | 9.holoinstall.com

Auto Problem Solver | 9.holoinstall.com


Big Brother | 9.holoinstall.com

Black Adder | 6.holoinstall.com

Blessing-Curse Revision | 9.holoinstall.com

Blood orange | 6.holoinstall.com

Border range | 2.holoinstall.com

Border Stone | 6.holoinstall.com

Bowfinger | 9.holoinstall.com

Burn Notice | 9.holoinstall.com

Business manager | elmenypark.com


Candid Camera | 9.holoinstall.com

Casting of My Programs | holoinstall.elmenypark.com

Central Energy Bank

Chakra adjustment | 5.holoinstall.com

Chakra quick adjustment (lower) | holojatek.diczig.com

Chakra quick adjustment (upper) | holojatek.diczig.com

Chakra Radiator | 9.holoinstall.com

Change-delete-reset | 5.holoinstall.com

Combat Games | 9.holoinstall.com

Consciousness correction | 4.holoinstall.com

Consciousness Gate | 9.holoinstall.com

Consciousness protection | elmenypark.com

Contact | 6.holoinstall.com

Control | 3.holoinstall.com

Control optimization | 6.holoinstall.com

Coordinator | holojatek.diczig.com

Corona Cyrus | 6.holoinstall.com

Correct timing | 6.holoinstall.com

Counscious contact | elmenypark.com

Course sorting | 4.holoinstall.com


Defense system | 4.holoinstall.com

Depth (seriousness) | 3.holoinstall.com

Development manager | elmenypark.com

Dimension Correction | 8.holoinstall.com

Dream Correction | 5.holoinstall.com

Dream Editor | 6.holoinstall.com

Dream harmony | 3.holoinstall.com

Dream work | 4.holoinstall.com

Dreamcatcher | 6.holoinstall.com


Earth Family Management | 8.holoinstall.com

Eligibility Gate | elmenypark.com

ÉlményPark Csting | 9.holoinstall.com

ÉlményPark login | 3.holoinstall.com

ÉlményPark relogin | 4.holoinstall.com

Emotion-body setting | holojatek.diczig.com

Enchanted Castle | 9.holoinstall.com

Energy Bank | holojatek.holoinstall.com

Enter to Tasks | 9.holoinstall.com

Environment update | 2.holoinstall.com

Even bigger He/She | 6.holoinstall.com

Event Manager | 9.holoinstall.com

Events Management | 6.holoinstall.com

External reorganization | 2.holoinstall.com


Fast IQ increase | 3.holoinstall.com

Fate roulette | 3.holoinstall.com

Fire Source | 6.holoinstall.com

Fortunate outcome | 6.holoinstall.com

Freedom Resolutions | 9.holoinstall.com


Galactic conscious communication | 3.holoinstall.com

Galactic order | 3.holoinstall.com

Game control | 2.holoinstall.com

Gold-Black Holoinstall | 9.holoinstall.com

Golden Eye | 6.holoinstall.com

Golden Gate | 9.holoinstall.com

Gotcha Suckas! | 9.holoinstall.com


Handle Parallel Realities | 9.holoinstall.com

Harmonizer | 6.holoinstall.com

Head Control | 8.holoinstall.com

Head setting | 5.holoinstall.com

Healer Games | 9.holoinstall.com

Healing Light Channels Calling Codes | 9.holoinstall.com

Healing manager | elmenypark.com

Healing support | 5.holoinstall.com

Heart channel cleaning | 5.holoinstall.com

Heart charger | 6.holoinstall.com

Heart Control | 8.holoinstall.com

Heart setting | 5.holoinstall.com

Heart Sorting | 5.holoinstall.com

Heart Sucks | 6.holoinstall.com

Here I come… ready or not! | 9.holoinstall.com

Holo Chakra

Holo Film | 9.holoinstall.com

Holo Game | 9.holoinstall.com

Holo Onda

Holo Pink | 9.holoinstall.com

Holo Room | 6.holoinstall.com

Holo Room Installation Casting | 8.holoinstall.com

HoloFilm | 4.holoinstall.com

holoGPS | 9.holoinstall.com

HoloShow | 4.holoinstall.com

Human relations control | 8.holoinstall.com

Humor Generator | 9.holoinstall.com

Humor generator | 5.holoinstall.com

Hyperjump | 9.holoinstall.com


Ideal arc | 4.holoinstall.com

Ideal arc | 5.holoinstall.com

Ideal arc | 6.holoinstall.com

Ideal position | 6.holoinstall.com

Idealization | 9.holoinstall.com

Independent thinking | holojatek.diczig.com

Indian Name Reader | 9.holoinstall.com


Intelligent Decoupling | 8.holoinstall.com

Intelligent separation | 5.holoinstall.com

Intent-Purpose with conscious travel

Intention manager | elmenypark.com

Interdim Correction | 9.holoinstall.com

Internal communication | 9.holoinstall.com

Internal communication | elmenypark.com

Internal reorganization | 2.holoinstall.com


no J item yet


Keeping away | 5.holoinstall.com

Learning manager | elmenypark.com

Leisure manager | elmenypark.com

Level harmony | 4.holoinstall.com

Level return | holojatek.diczig.com

Local protection | 3.holoinstall.com

Logos | 9.holoinstall.com

Luck & Chance | 6.holoinstall.com


Merit correction | 8.holoinstall.com


MIA | 3.holoinstall.com

MIA | 9.holoinstall.com

MIA | elmenypark.com

Mind control | holojatek.diczig.com

Mirror Admin | 9.holoinstall.com

Mirror Game | 9.holoinstall.com

Multiplex Projection | holojatek.diczig.com

My Programs Casting | 9.holoinstall.com


Network connection | 3.holoinstall.com

Network correction | 8.holoinstall.com

New Light Source | 5.holoinstall.com


Occupation management | 2.holoinstall.com

Opening | 6.holoinstall.com

Operational Casting | 8.holoinstall.com

Opportunity & Commitment | 3.holoinstall.com

Orange Command | 6.holoinstall.com

Orson Houdini | 6.holoinstall.com

Overrides | 8.holoinstall.com

Own intention wiring | 3.holoinstall.com


Personal Client Gate | 3.holoinstall.com

Personal Client Gate | 9.holoinstall.com

Personal Client Gate | 9.holoinstall.com

Personal consciousness sorting | 4.holoinstall.com

Personal energy protection | elmenypark.com

Phil | 9.holoinstall.com

Pink Sphere | 6.holoinstall.com

Pink Zone | 5.holoinstall.com

Pint Panther | 8.holoinstall.com

Planetary protection | 3.holoinstall.com

Planning manager | 6.holoinstall.com

Playing with Heart | 6.holoinstall.com

Power Plant | 9.holoinstall.com

Power Station | 5.holoinstall.com

PPP-P | 4.holoinstall.com

Practical futures research | 9.holoinstall.com

Prayer update | 4.holoinstall.com

Preparatory Program | 9.holoinstall.com

Problem Solver | 9.holoinstall.com

Projection manager | elmenypark.com


Quality correction | 5.holoinstall.com

Quick separation | 5.holoinstall.com


Ratio Emulatio | 6.holoinstall.com

Reality correction | 5.holoinstall.com

Reality Correction | 8.holoinstall.com

Reality Recorrection | 9.holoinstall.com

Red Dragon | 8.holoinstall.com

Red Ray Matrix | 9.holoinstall.com

Relationship Correction | 8.holoinstall.com

Relax | 6.holoinstall.com

Relogin | 6.holoinstall.com

Request Help & Feedback | 3.holoinstall.com

Roller Coaster | 9.holoinstall.com

Root Cause Scout | 9.holoinstall.com


Same Quality Filter | 8.holoinstall.com

Second Chance | 9.holoinstall.com

Self-defence | holojatek.diczig.com

Sequence | 6.holoinstall.com

Sex Control | 8.holoinstall.com

Silver-Pink Magic | holojatek.diczig.com

Solar Plexus Connection Casting | 8.holoinstall.com

Solar-plexus | 5.holoinstall.com

Spiritual Control | 8.holoinstall.com

Star Family Stabilizer | 8.holoinstall.com

Station | 4.holoinstall.com


Task manager | elmenypark.com

Tempo | 4.holoinstall.com

The Sign | 8.holoinstall.com

Thought Chat | 9.holoinstall.com

Tied course | 6.holoinstall.com

Time Manager | 9.holoinstall.com

Timeline Recovery | 8.holoinstall.com

Timing | 2.holoinstall.com

Transition control | 6.holoinstall.com

Traveling Home | 9.holoinstall.com

Treatment of time-schizophrenia | holojatek.diczig.com

Trials | 4.holoinstall.com

Trials | 6.holoinstall.com

Tuning of interests | 4.holoinstall.com

Turbo Self Healing | 9.holoinstall.com


Undercover Boss | 9.holoinstall.com

Unlocking logical loops | 2.holoinstall.com


Virtual network | 2.holoinstall.com


Waiting | 9.holoinstall.com

Warranty | 3.holoinstall.com

Week of Truth | 9.holoinstall.com

What you’ve always wanted but could never put into words | 6.holoinstall.com

White Rabbit | 6.holoinstall.com

WW (Winston Wolf) | 9.holoinstall.com


X-Program | 4.holoinstall.com

XD Beam tracking | 5.holoinstall.com


no Z item yet


1ST1 relogin | 4.holoinstall.com

1ST1 Sign In and Out | 5.holoinstall.com

4 Elements : Fire | 8.holoinstall.com

4 Elements: Air | 8.holoinstall.com

4 Elements: Earth | 8.holoinstall.com

4 Elements: Water | 8.holoinstall.com

666 | 9.holoinstall.com

Note: 1.holoinstall.com is a separate and complex program, its elements are not included here



I explore the signs of meaningful life beyond my front door. | https://istvan.diczig.com

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