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In its natural state, one can come into being by not being baptised and coming into contact with spirituality as a thinking person, outside of religion. In my own case, when I began to perceive more of the world, I didn’t think to begin to study it deeply until I found evidence that this world really existed. But it is very difficult to do this while in reality, living, working and living a fast life.

If you are in reality, working and living fast, you have two choices. The first is to move to a quiet, calm place and wait until you can get your mind on a level playing field. The other choice is to look for this evidence where you can find it quickly, but there is a danger that those you turn to will not be altruistic except at the level of words before you do it. I have chosen the latter with the philosophy that everyone goes their own way and stays that way once they have obtained the necessary information. I had the proof, i.e. the spiritual world does exist, but I was also sure that not a word of what the priests, gurus and masters say should be believed.

In 20 years of continuous meditation in the middle of a large European city, I have encountered a few challenges that needed to be overcome. These include things that happen in real life even when you are completely detached from it. Your ID card expires and needs to be renewed, bills need to be paid, you have to go to the doctor or dentist, you have to attend a compulsory family event. It doesn’t matter how many people you have contact with and what quality they are. It is also very important how you relate to these people personally and whether there is a subordinate or other influence. It is possible to reach a certain level, but these will all be tasks to be solved later on if you want to go beyond that level.

If you go into this with a scientific eye, it can be a particular challenge to stay on top of it when you are hit by higher dimensional influences that an average person reacts to by becoming religious. It’s a fallacy that you are scientific if you deny the existence of god, because what if he does exist. There is no evidence that he exists, but there is no evidence that he doesn’t exist. That is the correct attitude and if you get evidence of his existence, you have to figure out on the spot how to fit it into the scientific worldview.

There are scientists, doctors and mathematicians who have reached a level in their own field of expertise that takes them into the realm of spirituality. They are faced with the problem that they can only prove part of the connections they have discovered to others, and the deeper they go into the other part, the more they could be considered spiritual masters. To which they will strongly protest, because in the scientific community this is tantamount to professional death, and who else can explore these areas who have the papers to do so. Because paper is the basis of professional reputation and if someone starts talking about connections that can be linked to spirituality, they have to put very serious things on the table in front of them so that they don’t end up on the periphery of the scientific community. Not to mention the fact that they may come into conflict with the churches and those who finance the research and who, in my personal opinion, know more about certain things than the scientist himself and would like to keep it that way.

That said, the field already has scientific publications written by people who are accepted by science. If I had to give an account of this, I could basically recommend three books. The first deals with the hologram, the second approaches it from the psychology point of view, the third started as an academic research project and although the subject has run its course, its documentation remains scientific. I also have such websites, but on the one hand I am not bound by the factors that influence academic careers, and on the other hand I write in two directions. I also write for those who think that what I do is too scientific, while from the scientific side I seem to be just a crackpot esoteric who lacks evidence. Not proof, just proof for others. Unfortunately it is the rule of the other world that you have to prove it for yourself.

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