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I saw the phrase in the title in an article in an online newspaper where the journalist is effectively passing judgement by influencing the reader. I, who read it, started feeling sorry for everyone. The journalist, the reader and those who are being stigmatised by this prejudgement. I understand what drives the journalist, because I remember well the times when I was one of those people. However, unlike the journalist, I did not stigmatise these people, but started to research the subject before I formed an opinion.

I well remember one time when my friends and I got caught up in a crowd of people coming out of a modern church worship. Apparently members of the middle class, upper middle class. To me, it was pretty incredible that these sensible people could believe the bullshit that was coming out of these places. That’s probably when I had the idea to look into it. I was in my early twenties, living a secular life and had never come into close contact with religion. I am not even baptised. Later it turned out to be the perfect research position.

I bought some books on chakras and energies, but these books did not seem to agree with the evidence. That came my way ‘by accident’. I was extremely open to this world, but I accepted everything conditionally, which I later called conditional truth. If I encountered a new worldview here and wanted to understand it in a systemic way, I could not stop at the beginning by saying that there was no evidence for it. But what I could do was to build into it a guarantee that I would accept it only if the facts had the condition of proof. The proof, in this case, was to decide whether this spiritual world really existed or whether it was all a big hoax. I have come to the conclusion that the spiritual world does exist, but the way it is being communicated to people by experts in the field is a big hoax.

From there I went deeper and deeper, after which new depths opened up for me. If you have a vein for exploration, there is no stopping from here. Think about it, would you stop at, say, halfway? Those who start out in a traditional way towards spirituality, by which I mean going to a master or to a school like this, never have to face such dilemmas and questions, because there will always be someone who will decide or tell you. I could actually name this research (I could name six offhand) as the kind of audience I would talk to about it, but I will stick to three for now. One of them is death research, whose slogan has become: ‘He who researches God with a scientific eye does not stop at the first red light’. But not at the second, and not even after that. And that’s the second one out of the way, and the third is the dream research. They all mean one thing, which I might call esotericism.

Master Your Own
“These are forbidden techniques”.
“There was no one to forbid it”.

Esotericism is derived from the Greek word esotheros, meaning inner world. But while people were not familiar with the concept of the hologram, the field itself became shrouded in mystery and, as it became associated with the question of personal power through magic, it began to be banned. The result of this prohibition is the scientific world we live in today, where everyone lives in the exotheros, the outside world. To which I, whose consciousness has reached the 42nd dimension, would say that this is a unique value, which has few equals in the universe.

“You sound like a crackpot exoteric. Oh, the outside world!”

The problem with evidence is that we live on one side of the Border, which is based on evidence, and the other world, which is on the other side of the Border, is closed off from it. I would call spiritual realities dream worlds in other words, where evidence destroys the dream. At least this is what the masters and priests here, their counterparts there, claim. But I and an ‘angel’ (unfortunately that’s all I can call it for clarity) have created a reality in the dream frequencies as well. This means that we have created what you see in your dreams… and this needs to be explained further. What you see in your dreams, those worlds are not bound by the rigid rules of reality, which is why, say, great distances in our dreams can be much closer. What we have done is to apply these rigid rules to the dream, so that we have a reality that is no different. I don’t want to digress, but I would like to make it clear that the scientific approach goes hand in hand with experimentation and leads to the discovery of new things that could be scientific breakthroughs if science were not far behind. Especially since, although proving is not difficult at all in this field, proving to others is.

By forming the conjecture that what for us means enlightenment, i.e. merging with the inner collective consciousness, Out There may be the opposite, i.e. appearing in the outer world as an individual consciousness. When one can get to where a Tibetan lama can get to after 20 years of meditation with, say, one sniff of a synthetic drug, the same can be true in reverse and we have a quick understanding of what the word spiritual possession means. In this area, it is not so much solving problems that is difficult, but noticing and understanding them, which certainly cannot be done by prostrating oneself and begging upwards. When I mention the reality experiment I just mentioned, it may be the solution to such a problem.

When I read, at these levels, that someone who is an absolute outsider, calling himself a journalist, without any real research, is making a disparaging preliminary judgement about an area he knows nothing about, I have both understanding and uncomfortable feelings. I have enough problems with the institutional system that has been built up on both sides of this Business. It’s quite a problem here to live with the misunderstandings, fears and ignorance about it in both worlds and the fact that if you meditate at this level, you cannot, of course, generate any revenue from it, unless you do it by openly giving out more information than is necessary. For those who could finance it have, in addition to misunderstandings, fears and ignorance, a great deal of counter-interest and frankly would not put such results in their hands.

Understanding this power is easily explained by the holographic worldview. Every element of the hologram has the information of wholeness, you just need to figure out how, what and how much you have access to. Example: if you cut a small piece of holographic paper with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you will not see the small piece, but the whole image in small size. If you look inside yourself at a small slice of yourself and illuminate it with an enlightened light, you will find the world inside yourself. The purpose of esotericism is to find that way. It’s quite different from magic, which uses the same principle to enforce your intentions on others, mostly in the outside world. Although I have not proved anything, I have created a freely available material on the internet that any journalist who wants to write on the subject can read.

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