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To understand more about the dream world, imagine spiritual reality as if it were the internet behind your phone or keyboard. From the dream perspective, you are the mobile phone. A physical network endpoint that has a function and that function is a role you play on the screen (=3D). When you fall asleep, you fall out of this role and your consciousness connects you to a web of consciousness.

On the web of consciousness, data is in the form of ‘feelings, patterns, suggestions, thoughts, images’. When we talk about being instinctively gifted at something, we are also talking about the instinctive use of the web of consciousness. We can turn to this net of consciousness with our mind by creating a framework in which the rule is that everything is chaotic. This framework is, at the level of the average person, falling asleep and waking up.

Inside, your dream depends on where your mind is focused. This can be influenced by many things, because in your daily life you are affected by many influences in a fast-paced world. The more calmly you can turn towards the dream, the deeper you go, I can only guess (and test) the rest, because I always fall asleep calm. So you can go up to the upper worlds, you can go down to the lower worlds, you can go left or right. You could go the other way, but your brain can only interpret in 3D and when the two-way communication starts, it converts the incoming higher dimensional signal into a form you can understand. Or it just assumes that it is intelligible to you. This is what dream interpreters do, to try to figure it out and tell you. They have acquired their knowledge the way science does.

So your brain can only cook with what it has. These are the people and events in your 3D life, which can be misinterpreted if you always interpret them as specific people and events. Basically, you dream first, then run down the sequence of events in the outside world. Those who cast spells, awake and conscious, make attempts to influence this dream-program. Science may say that it dismisses this as it is because there is no evidence of magic, but it doesn’t affect the magician in any way. Scientists have no idea that there are parallel worlds in the mundane world where people who are ‘paperless’ in this field are (way) ahead of science living on the same planet as them.

Dreams can also be used to travel. You fall asleep here, you wake up in another world. But if you always wake up in a different world, your brain gets confused. So the world (the flexible hologram) has adapted to this by projecting a constant outside world. It took me years to figure this out. You can get stuck in dreams. What is dream and what is reality is all the same in 3D. Technically there is no difference. When one realises a dream, one is actually bringing the dream down to reality. If you dare to dream big, but don’t dare to make it real, the dream doesn’t disappear, it just passes on this web of consciousness to those who dare. So from that point of view, the dream is (technically) no different from getting high.

Getting in is nothing more than putting your brain into an altered state of consciousness using some kind of indicator. In effect, you are in a zone between dream and reality, projecting the outside world outwards and waking sleep inwards. This is when spiritual beings like to take trips into 3D, when you become a possessed human being. These spiritual beings are not unknown in the world, they have names and roles that are often based on human stupidity. Now they go by the name of angels. So whoever gets high becomes a travel agent, but also gets access to the Other World where they can dream in secret.

Another way to look at sleep is as a two-way communication between your brain and the web of consciousness. I think it’s a network entry that no one controls. At most they have figured out techniques to influence it, to control it, but not to dominate it. You don’t know when you’re going to arrive or where you’re going to arrive, but that only makes sense in 3D, where it also makes sense that a dream like that lasts a few seconds, but more like milliseconds. What is time to you here is limited only by you, not this data. You’re constantly connected to this net and you have stable bandwidth. The data looks like coloured beams of light, flashes, which your brain, through your ‘third eye’, narrows and transforms into an environment that it can place you in. During sleep your third eye is fully open, and when you’re awake it’s as open as you’re good at.

I want to talk specifically about ketamine. Ketamine is usually used to calm horses, in humans it takes them to the edge of life and death. This border is exactly the same as the rare case of half-sleep, where every breath is a pleasure. So ketamine takes you not so much to sleep as to half-sleep, which, it turns out, is where the ‘port of death’ is. If the world around us is a hologram, death is just one form of travel. The outside world is a set that your mind projects and creates the space for you. If you are floating between life and death and the same outside world is projected around you, then life and death are (technically) indistinguishable. Which in practice is not true, but you can only notice this from death to life because everything is filled with charge and content. Unfortunately, so is the behaviour of your environment.

One thing we haven’t talked about that is relevant to the dream is you. The observation (but rather conclusion) of science is that during a night, in different phases, you have a succession of dreams lasting seconds, with you only remembering the last one. I think some people can do the second to last one. There are dream types, it’s the position your consciousness arrives at. In the higher worlds you can fly, you can cut across great distances in an instant, you’re not bound by the rules of reality. But they are strange, because they are also guarded by a higher world. It’s only worth going to the movies, because the first time you take a step on your own, you’ll be thrown out of the dream. Because you behave in a lower world manner, i.e. you are a jerk for disturbing the Flow with your independent thoughts.

I’ll say here, and I’ll fucking underline it, that the highest is not necessarily the best for you, but the ‘ideal’ height for you. The further away you are from your own World, the more energy it takes to conform to others. The more relaxed you feel in your world, the closer you are to it. I know there are goals, but there are only goals in the Game. Because as I’ve started this research, it’s becoming more and more clear that the world is like a holographic video game that we’ve forgotten to play.

If you’ve read this far, you might as well try this >>>>>

Something I missed. The part where you have completely realistic dreams, where you can even smell the fragrances. There’s the proof before you of the existence of parallel realities equal to us, and that’s the second proof next to your third eye. When you appear here in a dream in another reality, it is called an occupation by the people there and their reality is chosen by how much they believe in it.

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